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Established in 2009 with one three-unit apartment complex purchased for $45,000 at a trustee sale, Jevan Capital, through its affiliates has grown into a $300mm diversified commercial real estate portfolio. Jevan owns and operates multifamily and commercial real estate in four major markets, timing entry and exits coinciding with major macroeconomic developments and trends.

For example, acquiring in Tempe AZ in 2011, San Antonio Texas 2011, Austin Texas 2013, Houston Texas 2013 and now back to the greater Phoenix Metro area in 2017. Our partnerships are selling in these markets as well, rotating capital into our next targeted geographical areas as well as variations in the product type acquired.

The current portfolio maintains weighted average in-place yields in the mid-teens during the hold, and an average IRR in the upper 30's on sale. The majority of our projects have a significant value-add component where we leverage in-house construction management capabilities to both manage costs as well as expediting execution time. Once owned, our on-site teams quickly learn we are "hands-on" owners delving into general ledgers to find value creation opportunities larger operators overlook. The value we create is a combination of expense reductions as well as revenue growth and targeting favorable economic climates which provide a positive backdrop for our investment activities.

We look forward to benefiting from US general growth as employment returns to pre-recession levels in most major metropolitan areas. Macro forces are breeding a whole new generation of apartment renters, and the firms they work for require more office space. We consider these simple key elements the cornerstone of our investment decision-making process.