Est. 2009

Mission Statement

Jevan Capital is an emerging advisor offering our investor partners access to high growth value add real estate investments. Jevan partners with high net individuals, family offices, publicly traded entities, private equity firms and life insurance companies. Focused on Class B and C Multifamily and Multi-Tenant Commercial, our partners have benefitted from an exemplary track record consisting of 23 transactions totaling over $715M in value. Each project has been executed by a leadership team with over 180 years of combined experience delivering repositioned assets specifically tailored to the demographics.


Fair Market Valuation of our portfolio


Properties sold and acquired and 19 sold since 2009


invested in energy conservation projects


Average IRR for our investors


in equity returned on $131M investment

A Track Record of Profitability

It all started with one three-unit apartment complex purchased for $45,000 at a trustee sale. Through our affiliates, we’ve grown into a multi-million dollar diversified commercial real estate portfolio.

Investments Fueled By Expertise

With unique strategies, partnerships and commitment, we provide the greatest returns with the least amount of investment capital. Meet the team behind it all.


Explore All Investment Opportunities

In addition to investing in multifamily properties in strategic cities and locations that contain the economics to support the investment strategy we establish and implement, we’re also expanding the business into the management and construction of properties. Explore the opportunities below.

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We currently manage $100M worth of multifamily real estate properties, or +/- 1,000 apartment homes, across two markets. Our goal is to provide high-quality services and living standards to the people who call them home.

welding work


The majority of our projects have a significant value-add component thanks to our in-house construction management capabilities. These allow us to both manage costs as well as expedite execution time.

Let’s Build Your Portfolio

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