Everywhere we invest, Jevan seeks to do so sustainably, deploying capital to effect positive change in the communities we work in while delivering profits to our investors and stakeholders. The environment is fully integrated into our core business and guides our operations and how we look at our investments.


Jevan Capital PLLC makes
distributions, not excuses.

Our investment selection process has been called “too specific” but that is at the core of our goal to not be the biggest but rather the best at delivering outsized returns. Since inception we have sought out dual mandate of serving our investors by creating value and leaving communities better off than when we found them.

To deliver on the mandate we research our business plans based upon an in-depth review of the Macro Economic Backdrop, and then we dig into programs available to subsidize utility reductions, environmental impact delivering an overall cleaner and safer housing stock for our value residents. Many of our upgrades are not traditional value-add, but we find over and over that behavioral economics come into play and it ends up outperforming financially as a result of the extra investment in the elusive “good will.”

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